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After breakfast at your traditional riad in Fez, depart with your driver/guide in an equipped vehicle to explore the Roman ruins sites of Volubilis. It’s about 70km from your departure city Fez, and is a nice place to see when you visit Morocco.

Discover the ruins and the fragments of the walls that has resisted since the time of the Roman Empire and which is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. You will be accompanied by your guide who will explain to you while you explore the architecture of this city which has a long history.

Volubilis was constructed on what it is said to be a Carthaginian city and was once in charge of producing the grain, and exports to Rome.

Enjoy your lunch at a cafe at this ancient city while imagining how it once was during the Roman empire and before the Romans occupied it.

After lunch, discover the Open air Museum while taking pictures. Cross the river of Fertessa which runs along one side of the volubulis city. Pass via Moulay Idriss Zarhoun, offering a panoramic view from where you can have a better distant view of Volubulis.

If you choose to travel in June during the Fez Festival of Sacred World Music it is possible to encounter concerts at Volubulis and enjoy the music performed by different musicians.
At the late evening, return back to your raid or hotel in Fez.


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